Q// What is Bianca Rose Design?

A// Bianca Rose Design is my portfolio and also blog that is always changing.

I'm also on a crusade against horrible design and business marketing practices. Right now, I am documenting my last semester as a Senior at Fresno State, and the experiences I encounter on the journey to the graduation.

Q// Hey, I want to hire you!

A// Awesome! I am open for business!

Just visit my contact page and send me an email or call! Email is the preferred way of getting in touch with me!

Q// You seem awesome! Can I follow you on (social network name here)?


A// Sure, stranger!

I try to be as social as possible. Choose your poison:





Conveniently, there are more in the footer of my site.

Q// How did you do (cool awesome design skill)? I wanna learn, do you have tutorials?!

A// Thanks! I try!

I currently am planning to post some tutorials, but creating them is a time-consuming process. When I get down time, I'll get around posting them. But for now, keep a watch out on my tutorial blog page.

Q// Can I use your images as part of a blog/report/publication?

Thank you for considering me! If you wish to use my images or feature me in any way, please credit my work and link back to my website! Also contact me by emailing me at biancarosedesign@gmail.com with the link to the article and/or feature.

 All I ask is that you respect my images, and all the hard work I put into providing them for you to use. 

All the work produced on this site were made by Bianca Rose (of Bianca Rose Design) unless stated otherwise.

About this Site

This website is brought to you by Squarespace. Many thanks to them for hosting and letting me run my site on their CMS and the ability to design my site based on their Avenue interface. It is beautifully type set in Proxima Nova by Mark Simonson.