Kintsay: Filipino Moderno

Sarap Buhay means "good life"

that's the motto at Kintsay Restaurant. Kintsay Restaurant is a Filipino-American restaurant based in San Jose, California, the heart of the Silicon Valley. It rises to meet the growing demand for a high-class Filipino Restaurant, and to break through to introduce Filipino cuisine into the mainstream. The overall branding for Kintsay was developed by the overall pride of the Filipino culture as well as a contemporary twist in highlighting it's secret ingredient: celery. The following highlights the three key stages in the process of developing its brand: identifying the challenge, creating a strategy and targeting an outcome.


Develop a strong contemporary logo that stands out from the crowd of loud and noisy logos of its competitors, as well as highlighting Kintsay's key ingredient: celery. Design must reflect the attitude, history, context and essence of not only of the Filipino ethnicity but also the target demographics, as well as the ingredient of celery. 


By evaluating Kintsay Restaurant's primary target demographics and their behavior - both in restaurants as well as outside of them, we crafted a brand look and feel that spoke to all targets, balancing traditional patterns with a contemporary voice. 


Kintsay Restaurant has a new look and feel to better suit the restaurant as well as bring a sense of modernity that will attract both new and old customers. Both familiar and new, the new branding allows the restaurant to serve traditional Filipino dishes as well as give the customer a fresh environment to enjoy their food in.